5 Tips To Make A Better Advert

5 Tips To Make A Better Advert

No-one knows your business like you do, so it makes sense that you will know what needs to go into your advert, right?

It’s true, you know more about your business than anyone else but sometimes it can make designing an advert more difficult. Follow these 5 tips to plan out an advert that will work for any business. (There are some further tips at the bottom of the page if you want to know more.

1 What is your customer looking for?

It might seem obvious but the first and biggest line (headline) should solve your customer’s problem or at least make them curious. You have seconds for their eyes to scan your advert and during that scanning one thing is going through the reader’s mind…Is this about me?

The advert above is a great example. There is no doubt what problem they solve and what to do next – make that call (also see logos and call to actions and blah blah blah further down).

2 Picture this

Back up your headline with a relevant picture that leaves the reader with no mistake about what the advert is about. Most adverts sizes only have room for one large picture so don’t be tempted to squeeze 2 or more smaller images in, make that one image count. Top Tip: People smiling has the best response in advertising.

There’s no doubt in the advert below about what the advertiser does and the picture is perfect to describe this.

3 Fear of Missing Out

I understand that the temptation is to include every service you do in case you miss out on that one customer who wants it but most businesses know what their core business is and their most common product or service. If it is the most profitable item in your business then focus on it. If it isn’t, focus your advertising on the product that is.

4 Blah Blah Blah

Too much small text is off putting and not eye-catching.

Look at the real example wording below. This particular advert had no room for a picture:-

I provide treatments from lash and brow tints and waxing, to shellac nails, but what I really love
doing, and specialise in, is facials and skincare. I have won awards for my facials (Regional
Therapist of the year 2016 and 2018 and runner up for National Therapist of the year 2018)
so you know that you’re in very safe hands. I look forward to meeting you face to face soon. Please contact me on the details below

It could have been:

  • Skincare and facial specialist
  • Lash/Brow tints and waxing
  • Shellac Nails
  • Local Award Winning Therapist
  • Book Now You Deserve It

Say what you have to say in as few words as possible. An advert is to grab attention and prompt an action. Which leads me on to

5 Call to Action

You might know what you want the reader to do, but do they? You think it is obvious they may not. Think of a call to action as your next best step to getting a sale. Examples

  • Book a Free quotation Now
  • Call Now for a no obligation chat
  • Use our online quotation tool at
  • Join us on
  • Book Before xx to get xx
  • Come into the shop to receive a

Look at this fab call to action below:- “call or email Louise for a FREE 20 mins consultation.”

Some More Mistakes To Avoid

Make my logo bigger

Whilst it is very important that you have a recognisable and consistent brand, it will take up valuable space on your advert and unless you know your potential customers are looking for you specifically and not just the service you offer, that space can be used in a better way.

Make my telephone number bigger

Okay it has to be legible but if someone wants to ring you it won’t be because your number is in very large font it will be because your have advertised something they want. Note: local area codes work best in local magazines. If you don’t have one ask for help, they are very low cost.

Top Tip: if you ask people to call make sure your phone is answered and respond promptly. There are call handling services, virtual PA’s and other services if you can’t guarantee you will answer your phone.

Don’t Distract your Potential Customer

I see some adverts that ask potential customers to check out their reviews on other sites. Don’t send your customer anywhere else. You have no idea what other service they will come across. Focus on getting them to contact you.

What Next

I hope those tips have been useful. I am here to help and Bee Local has an affordable advert design service or free design if you book in 3 or more editions.

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