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Advertising in Bee Local Magazine works with our winning formula

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Our Winning Formula

+ We distribute to all the best areas

* ABC1 80% = is marketing gold dust

+ We fill the magazine with page after page of great content

* longer read time = your advert seen more

+ Our prices are affordable = the BEST reach for your money

*compare costs per 1000 to see why we are the best

+ Our readers trust us

*and the companies we include

+ Huge circulation

*the biggest circulation around – 19,000 copies printed every edition

Bee Local Magazine

The right advert for your Leighton Buzzard business?

(scroll down for our tips on choosing the right size for advertising your business in the Leighton Buzzard area)

Classifieds are great for trades and fantastic for small home biz too. Customers perceive you as affordable. Price based on a 3-5 edition booking with free design

Our most popular advert size. Quarter pages give you a bit more room to describe your services with a nice pic too. Price based on a 3-5 edition booking with free design

Half Page adverts really help you stand out from the crowd. Plenty of room for eye-catching pictures and service descriptions. Price based on a 3-5 edition booking with free design

Serious Impact
For larger businesses that need to position themselves as the leading supplier in their area. Also great for big events. Price based on a 3-5 edition booking with free design

Premium Positions
Premium positions are available from time to time, these include front banners, inside front and back pages. Right hand pages 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 and centre spreads. Get in touch to find out more

For information about discounts and prices or for any other information please use the contact form below or call 01525 222473

Tips for choosing the right advert size for your business

  • Pick an advert size that 1 to 2 new customers would pay for, that way your advert works for you and not the other way around. Any repeat or extra customers are a bonus.
  • Think of how your advert will be perceived by the customer, for instance classified adverts are often believed to offer cheaper services.
  • Pick an advert size that you can afford to keep running for longer. 3x small adverts is better than one large advert.

People go through a complex process in deciding to buy from you…

*deciding they need you or your service

*gathering information about what they need

*comparing suppliers

if you are not in front of them at any stage of that decision making someone else will get their business

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